Posted: March 7th, 2023

Define the terms “bullying” and “cyberbullying”, and specify the main difference(s) between these two terms. 

Bullying and cyberbullying are both forms of aggressive, intentional behavior meant to harm or intimidate someone. Bullying is defined as a pattern of unwanted, negative actions directed at an individual or group by another person or group, which can involve physical violence, verbal abuse, isolation and exclusion tactics and other behaviors intended to cause fear or distress (“What Is Bullying?”). Cyberbullying is similar but it occurs online rather than in person; it includes sending malicious emails, texts and social media posts as well as posting embarrassing images online without consent (“What Is Cyberbullying?”).


Define the terms “bullying” and “cyberbullying”, and specify the main difference(s) between these two terms.

The main difference between these two terms is that while traditional bullying typically involves direct confrontation between the bully and the victim, cyberbullying often allows the bully to remain anonymous through their use of technology. This can make it difficult for victims to identify who is responsible for their harassment and also makes it more difficult for bystanders to intervene since they may not know who needs help. Additionally, because digital communications such as text messages can be sent quickly from anywhere with an internet connection, cyberbulling incidents can occur rapidly over large distances making them harder to control than traditional bullying (Kowalski et al., 2014).

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Another key distinction between these two types of aggression lies in the way each affects its targets psychologically. Studies have found that victims of traditional bullying tend to suffer more severe psychological distress than those subjected to cyberbulling due primarily to the lack of anonymity associated with face-to-face encounters (Kowalski et al., 2014). As such individuals may feel unable escape their physical environment even after being bullied which leads increased feelings alienation loneliness . Whereas on other hand , those experience cyber bullying may find easier deal harassments since they able hide away behind computer screens they remain unseen invisible perpetrators causing any trouble .

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In conclusion , although there similarities exist between traditional forms modern day cyber bullying main differences lie how each impacts victims mentally emotionally along lines anonymity involved respective offenses inflicted upon others . Although definitive stance cannot taken which form worst both still constitute serious issues detriment society which require address urgently order ensure safety everyone regardless age gender race background


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