Posted: March 6th, 2023

Define globalization and discuss how it impacts intercultural communication.

Globalization is a term used to describe the processes of integration and interconnection between different cultures, societies, economies, and states around the world. It can refer to increased economic links in terms of trade and investment flows as well as increased cultural exchanges in terms of social norms, values, beliefs, practices, ideas and lifestyles (Kaynak & Köksal-Ayanyığit 2020). Globalization has had significant impacts on communication across different cultures.

One impact that globalization has had on intercultural communication is through increasing interconnectedness between countries. The increased ease with which people are able to travel from place-to-place helps create new channels for intercultural communication (Xiang 2017). This ease of travel allows for more exchange of knowledge and information between different parts of the world than ever before. For example, due to advancements in technology such as video conferencing or social media platforms like Skype or Facebook Messenger it is easier than ever for people living in one part of the world to communicate with someone living on the other side (Stankov 2010). This type of global connectedness allows for people from different cultures to interact directly with each other without having to physically be present at the same location.

 Define globalization and discuss how it impacts intercultural communication.

Another way that globalization has impacted intercultural communication is by creating an environment where diverse forms of expression are accepted and encouraged (Matsuda 2016). With globalization comes a wider variety of cultural influences and perspectives being integrated into everyday life. As more countries become exposed to these outside influences they begin accepting them more readily into their own communities leading to greater awareness about cultural differences among those living both within their own country but also extending outwards towards others around they globe. With this heightened awareness barriers become reduced allowing people from all types backgrounds have open conversations without judgement or prejudice (Fahimy 2011). The result is enhanced understanding and acceptance amongst individuals leading them closer together despite any potential language barriers which may exist.

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Finally globalisation also serves as means by which new forms of media have been created specifically designed for use within an international context (Gursoy 2018). Platforms such as TED talks bring together speakers from around the world who share powerful stories about their experiences bridging gaps between multiple cultures while websites like YouTube provide users access content that would otherwise not be available due via traditional mediums such as television or radio . These platforms expand opportunities for cross-cultural dialogue providing users with insight into diverse perspectives thus strengthen relationships built upon mutual understanding rather than preconceived assumptions based solely upon surface level characteristics such race or nationality..

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Overall globalization has had a profound effect on how we communicate with each other within our increasingly complex multicultural environments; by making it easier than ever before us interact across geographic boundaries even if we do not share common languages connecting us all together culturally regardless our differences.. Its far reaching implications have helped reduce barriers previously existing preventing progress towards incorporating diversity ultimately allowing individuals access opportunity experience something truly unique: genuine interpersonal connection despite existing cultural differences aligning perfectly one another’s shared humanity..

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