Posted: February 13th, 2023

Create a seizure response handout

Welcome to the monthly in-service training session. This handout is designed to provide teachers with an overview of seizure disorders, and some guidelines for how best to manage a student experiencing a seizure, or who is at risk of having seizures.

Description of Seizure Disorders
A seizure disorder (also referred to as epilepsy) is a neurological disorder associated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain. There are many types of seizures that can range from mild episodes lasting just a few seconds, to more severe episodes involving loss of consciousness and uncontrolled movements. During these episodes, sensory perception may be altered and the person may experience anxiety, confusion or fear after they pass. Of all neurologic disorders, seizures occur most frequently in children under five years old; however adults can also suffer from them.

Signs & Indicators
The signs and indicators of a seizure depend on its type but there are certain common signs that indicate when one might be beginning: staring off into space; jerking movements; sudden changes in behavior such as agitation or confusion; loss of consciousness; stiffening body position and/or shaking uncontrollably; loss of bladder control; unusual smelling odors or tastes; visual disturbances like seeing flashing lights or blurred vision. In addition, if you see someone exhibiting any combination of these symptoms then it could be an indication that a seizure is occurring or about to occur.

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Create a seizure response handout

First Aid Response It is important that teachers know what steps they should take if they witness someone having a seizure: remain calm (it will help the person relax); keep bystanders away so that there’s room for medical personnel if needed; move furniture out of the way if necessary so that persons don’t injure themselves against it during their episode ; turn them onto their side so saliva does not build up and block airways ; place something soft – like clothing – underneath their head for support ; do not restrain them unless it becomes absolutely necessary due to violent behavior ; monitor breathing rate – if paused over 10 seconds call emergency medical services immediately .

Making Classrooms Safe for Children Who Have Seizures Teachers need to ensure their classrooms are safe for students who have seizures by taking several different steps: create an area where students can go when feeling overwhelmed by stimuli – this helps reduce potential triggers; inform staff members about school policies on safety measures during an emergency situation ; keep any objects away from desks which could become flying hazards during seizures (e.g., toys) Instruct other students not touch anyone who has had a seizure until they have recovered completely ; make sure medications prescribed by physicians are available at all times in case needed urgently. It’s also important that first aid kits include medicines used specifically for treating epileptic seizures such as diazepam rectal gel tubes.

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Lastly encourage parents/carers/guardians send medication information sheets detailing details relevant drugs being taken so teachers know exactly how respond quickly while dealing with emergencies related this condition .

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