Posted: February 12th, 2023

Complete a researched critical essay of a minimum of 4 pages on one or more poems selected from our textbook.

The poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, is one of the best known and most beloved pieces of American literature. In this poem, we see a speaker reflecting on a decision he has made to take the less-traveled path in life. As the speaker looks back on his choice, he wonders about what could have been had he chose the other path. By exploring these hypotheticals, Frost encourages us to consider our own decisions and their consequences. This reflective and thought-provoking exploration of life’s choices makes “The Road Not Taken” an enduringly popular and relevant piece of literature almost a century after its publication.

Complete a researched critical essay of a minimum of 4 pages on one or more poems selected from our textbook.

Frost begins his poem with a simple premise: two roads diverging in a yellow wood. This image creates an air of mystery as it suggests that there are infinite possibilities before the speaker; however, since only two paths can be traveled, some opportunities will inevitably be left unexplored. These roads become symbols for different paths in life and offer insight into how our actions shape who we are now and who we may become in future.

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This idea is further reinforced when Frost writes that these pathways were both “just as fair”. In essence, each road can lead to success or failure depending on which path the traveler takes. Thus, this line serves as an important reminder that no matter which choice we make, it will ultimately determine our fate even if all options appear equally viable at first glance.

At last comes the speaker’s ultimate realization: “I took the one less traveled by/ And that has made all difference.” Here we see him expressing regret at not taking another road while also recognizing how his chosen route impacted him positively despite being more difficult than its alternative. Ultimately this moment speaks to how small decisions taken today can greatly affect where one might end up tomorrow- suggesting that every individual must carefully consider their choices lest they miss out on something better right around corner .

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By closely examining Frost’s poem , it becomes quite evident why it remains so poignant & widely read today despite over hundred years passing since its first publication . Whether it’s questions concerning career choice , romantic partner selection or any other major life decision ; people still find themselves placed same place protagonist was – standing crossroads trying figure out which direction head next . It reminds them its never too late turn around & explore new possibilities if things don’t work out way once hoped for previously . Also serves cautionary note anyone tempted go straight what appears easy route – because may not always be best option long term despite seeming attractive short term gains . Finally , gives readers hope those tough moments when feeling overwhelmed & lost know eventually hard work pay off will able look back proud knowing made right move at time regardless whether others agreed with originally or not

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