Posted: February 13th, 2023

Compare instrumental value and intrinsic value as they relate to determining the worth of natural species. Where does Leopolds idea of the land land ethic fit into these two categories ?

Instrumental value and intrinsic value are two ways of identifying the worth of a natural species. Instrumental value is based on utility, or what use an organism has for humans. Intrinsic value is instead rooted in the inherent worth of nature and its ability to exist independently from human use or demand. Both have implications for how natural species should be treated, but their applications vary depending on the type of organism being considered.

Instrumental values place emphasis on the utilitarian purposes they can serve us as individuals or society as a whole. This can include any direct benefit that comes from using resources such as food production, economic benefits, medicinal use or aesthetic pleasure derived by viewing them in their environment. It also places emphasis on our responsibility to protect these organisms if they are essential to our own health and well-being in some way or another. For example, bees play an important role in pollination which directly impacts food production both at commercial levels and backyard gardens; therefore preserving bee populations would deemed to have high instrumental value due to their direct contribution to food security and sustainability .

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Compare instrumental value and intrinsic value as they relate to determining the worth of natural species. Where does Leopolds idea of the land land ethic fit into these two categories ?

On the other hand, intrinsic values look beyond these utilitarian uses and recognize that many organisms simply have inherent worth regardless of their usefulness for us – based not only upon their beauty but also because it’s morally wrong for humans to diminish any creature’s right to life merely for our own personal gain . We may choose not save certain plants out of respect for those who rely heavily upon them like traditional healers ,or preserve animals purely because we know it’s wrong terminate entire populations when we could easily find substitute sources elsewhere  for whatever purpose we intended . This concept has been identified by Aldo Leopold’s “Land Ethic,” which states that humans must consider themselves part of a larger ecological system where all living things share equal importance ; this means that every organism should be respected no matter its functionality within our lives  and ecosystems should remain balanced without interference from humans whenever possible .

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Therefore when determining whether an organism holds any significant worth , one needs to consider both instrumental and intrinsic values before making judgement calls about how it should be managed . Many times instrumental values needn’t trump intrinsic ones since either may weigh equally heavy depending upon circumstance ; even though a species may prove useful in some fashion , this doesn’t always mean it should be taken advantage off considering its impactful role within its surrounding ecosystem– thus understanding why both types are so valuable is paramount before making decisions about conservation efforts . Ultimately deciding between them often boils down as much philosophical questions as scientific ones , with each person having his/her own opinion based upon personal beliefs pertaining what constitutes meaningful existence beyond merely existing  in order carry out specific functions (i.e.: serving us )

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