Posted: February 15th, 2023

Compare and contrast the film version of The Great Gatsby with the written version of This Side of Paradise.

The Great Gatsby, both the film and the written version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, is a classic story about the pursuit of wealth and power. However, there are some distinct differences between the two telling of this iconic story. Although both explore themes of love, betrayal and redemption in their own ways, they differ significantly in terms of tone, perspective and visual presentation.

Compare and contrast the film version of The Great Gatsby with the written version of This Side of Paradise.

In The Great Gatsby movie adaptation (2013), directed by Baz Luhrmann, we see a much different take on Jay Gatsby’s world than what was portrayed in Fitzgerald’s novel. While Both portray an extravagant lifestyle where money is no object for those with it; The movie version presents it almost as if a lavish party that never ends where everyone is having fun but no one truly understands each other. In comparison to This Side of Paradise which takes us on more intimate journey through Amory Blaine’s life with subtleties details nuances feelings aspirations desires all presented without any overt showmanship or grandiose displays extravagance – just simple everyday moments experienced by its protagonist as he goes through his “lost generation” period post WWI before finally finding himself again well into adulthood.

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From a perspective standpoint too there are stark contrasts between two works: while The Great Gatsby strictly follows its titular character throughout entire narrative—from first time we laid eyes him until very last—This Side Paradises draws upon wider cast characters who varied backgrounds intertwined lives provide readers deepest insights into lifestyles times during Jazz Age America … even if majority them end up being peripheral figures never take centre stage development plot itself!

Visually speaking also these stories offer quite contrasting experiences: great gatbsy filled bright colours vibrant movements seen through flashy parties heavy drinking shots across upper classes New York cityscape…while this side features mostly muted palettes depicting sombre settings lonely walks empty streets somber expressions nostalgic memories old lovers all set against quieter rural areas Pennsylvania countryside.

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Ultimately though regardless how different movies may be from books original source material—both narratives remain timeless classics exploring human condition our flawed nature ambition greed lust love loss redemption complex way ultimately end same place far better off than when began

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