Posted: February 15th, 2023

Compare AND contrast between Shakespeare’s Sonnet “130” and Lord Byron’s poem “she walks in beauty.”  

Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130 and Lord Byron’s poem “She Walks in Beauty” are two of the most celebrated works in English literature. Both works have deep meaning, evocative imagery, and true emotionality that make them timeless classics. While these two poems have much in common, they also differ significantly in style, theme, and tone.

Compare AND contrast between Shakespeare’s Sonnet “130” and Lord Byron’s poem “she walks in beauty.”

The first thing to consider when comparing Sonnet 130 and She Walks In Beauty is the style of each poem. Shakespeare’s sonnet follows a typical poetic structure with fourteen lines written in iambic pentameter and divided into three quatrains and one couplet. The rhyme scheme alternates between abab cdcd efef gg or abab cdcd efgf edce which follows the traditional pattern for an English sonnet form. On the other hand, She Walks In Beauty does not adhere to any specific metre or rhyme scheme; it is written as a free verse poem without any fixed rules or patterns to follow. This lends a certain artistry to Byron’s writing that allows him to express his ideas freely rather than being constrained by particular conventions of poetry.

The theme of love is pervasive throughout both pieces but they approach it differently. The primary focus of Shakespeare’s sonnet is on his beloved subject who he praises for her beauty despite her imperfections – something that sets her apart from other women according to him (lines 8-9). He claims she has no rival among others because she surpasses even nature itself (line 10). By contrast, Lord Byron’s poem celebrates beauty more generally: the speaker praises a woman for her graceful appearance simply because it brings joy to himself and all those around them (lines 1-4). Furthermore, while Sonnet 130 focuses on inner qualities such as modesty over outward appearances ,She Walks In Beauty emphasizes physical attributes such as beauty that can be seen by everyone else (line 6).

The tone of each piece reflects its focus on love quite differently as well.. Shakespeare’s sonnet has an affectionate yet teasing tone – full of admiration for his beloved subject but also suggesting some level of mockery toward conventional standards of beauty (lines 6-7). On the other hand, Lord Byron speaks with reverence towards his subject – praising their beauty without irony or humor but with utmost sincerity instead (lines 5-6) . This gives his words a solemn quality that comes through strongly despite its light meter and lack of rhyme structure.

In conclusion, although there are similarities between Sonnet 130 by William Shakespeare and She Walks In Beauty by Lord Byron both pieces differ markedly in terms of style, theme ,and tone.. The former uses standard poetic conventions while expressing fondness towards someone special while the latter uses free verse structure coupled with admiration for anyone whose beauty captivates us all . Ultimately both poems explore our universal appreciation for love through different lenses which makes them truly unique masterpieces worthy of our adoration today just like centuries ago .

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