Posted: February 13th, 2023

Choose, read, and annotate 3 sources on Dorothy Parker

Dorothy Parker (1893-1967) was an American poet, critic, and humorist whose sharp wit and caustic observations made her a beloved yet controversial figure. She was a founding member of the Algonquin Round Table, an influential group of writers, actors, artists, and critics in New York during the 1920s. Her work has been praised for its cutting satire as well as its insight into human emotion. This article will examine three sources on Parker’s life and works:; The New York Times Magazine; and The Great Gatsby Revisited by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Choose, read, and annotate 3 sources on Dorothy Parker

The first source I examined is, which offers detailed information about Parker’s life from childhood to death including biographical details like early influences and education; anecdotes about her experiences with the Algonquin Round Table; key publications such as Enough Rope (1926), Here Lies (1939), Death & Taxes (1964); her relationships with other writers such as F. Scott Fitzgerald; awards she won during her lifetime; notable quotes often attributed to her–and more. One particularly interesting aspect of this website is that it includes excerpts from several of Parker’s poems which allows readers to gain a better understanding of her writing style beyond just reading short quotes or summaries of them elsewhere online or in print sources . Additionally , there are sections devoted to famous lines often misattributed to Parker—which further demonstrates the complexity of both her personality and legacy in popular culture today .

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The next source I read was an article entitled “The Sparkling Dorothy Parker” from The New York Times Magazine published in 1935 shortly after the release of Enough Rope had become a bestseller . In this piece , author Margaret Marshall discusses how Parker had gained considerable fame due to her poetry but also recognizes that she “has achieved something even more remarkable—she has cut through all barriers between self-expression and public recognition ” while still retaining some level anonymity at the same time . Furthermore , Marshall observes that not only did Enough Rope solidify Parkers place among America’s most celebrated authors but also provided evidence that she could write comedy equally as well : “Mrs Parker proves herself here [Enough Rope] not only amusing…but capable also of producing genuine laugh aloud humor ” Through this article , we get a sense for why people found so much appeal in Parkers work at the time — namely because it skillfully blended satirical wit with emotional honesty — which continues remain defining features among many fans today .

Finally , I looked at F. Scott Fitzgerald’s essay titled “The Great Gatsby Revisited” where he examines his own novel nearly 5 years after its original publication . In one passage near end , Fitzgerald briefly mentions his admiration for Parks saying : “When I think back on my novel now it seems inevitable especially when compared with something like Miss Dorothy Parkers ‘Big Blonde’ – that my stuff should have seemed flat…But Miss Parks story put mine into perspective … She had done what i wanted very badly to do .” Although brief , this statement speaks volumes about how closely Fitzgerald followed Parkers career throughout his own writing process — perhaps even citing some aspects within The Great Gatsby itself — ultimately highlighting how significant influence she left on him alongside other prominent figures working during same period they were both active contributors in literature scene during mid – 20th Century .

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In conclusion, these three sources provide valuable insights into both the private life and professional accomplishments associated with renowned American writer Dorothy parker – offering fresh perspectives on topics ranging from early influences early career successes comedic talent complex relationship dynamics between peers like F Scott Fitzergald conscious effort maintain certain degree mystery around persona literary impact posthumously While each document contains unique information alone when combined together they create fuller portrait woman who remains relevant many decades later thanks vast body artwork spanning multiple mediums along remarkable personal story

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