Posted: March 6th, 2023

 Both the organic and mechanistic views of government are outlined in Chapter 1. Pick which view you think is the best and defend your position

I believe that the organic view of government is the best way to organize a society. This view holds that government should be seen as an organism—flexible, adaptive, and able to respond quickly to changing circumstances and shifting needs. It emphasizes collaboration between different branches of government and encourages participation from citizens in order for political decisions to be made with their input (Swanson & Carey 2017).

 Both the organic and mechanistic views of government are outlined in Chapter 1. Pick which view you think is the best and defend your position

The organic view also highlights the importance of creating relationships—not just promoting individualism or self-interests. By recognizing shared interests within communities and working together towards common goals, people can come up with solutions that benefit everyone involved rather than just a few. Additionally, it stresses the need for local control which helps ensure that those closest to the issue have power over decision making instead of relying solely on national leaders. 

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In contrast mechanistic view tends focus heavily upon structure/function hierarchy–while this useful certain contexts when applied universally problem arises whereby absolute authority deemed ultimate most important factor regardless concerns raised by those affected! Furthermore such rigid form governance oftentimes restricts freedom expression reducing ability public make meaningful contribution public discourse.

In conclusion then organic approach better suited many cases due its emphasisupon collaborations/relationships plus reliance provided by local control whereas mechanistic system viewed more restrictive limiting access resources needed resolve issues faced regular citizens!

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