Posted: March 7th, 2023

·Based on what you have learned in the course thus far, what challenges related to gender are evident from reading the case study?

The case study “Gender and Political Participation in Canada” highlights some of the challenges related to gender that have been evident in Canadian politics. Gender inequality is a pervasive issue that continues to be present both within and outside of politics, making it difficult for women to gain positions of power. Women are underrepresented at all levels of government, from municipal councils to federal legislatures. Even when they do manage to attain such positions, they tend to face discrimination and gendered stereotypes which prevent them from achieving equal representation with their male counterparts.

·Based on what you have learned in the course thus far, what challenges related to gender are evident from reading the case study?

A major challenge highlighted by the case study is how these structural inequalities manifest themselves in terms of access to resources. Women typically have fewer economic resources than men do as well as less access to education and employment opportunities which can provide valuable experience necessary for public office. In addition, there is often a lack of institutional support for female candidates due to traditional notions regarding their general fitness or ability when compared with males.

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Furthermore, the electoral system itself is skewed against female candidates due its reliance on party affiliation rather than individual campaigns . This means that women seeking political office must compete against other established politicians who may have greater financial backing or name recognition resulting even further disparities terms actual representation as opposed potential < br >< br > References :< br >< br > Alesina A et al 2008 Shaping The Political Arena Gender Quotas And Party Politics American Economic Review 98 21 — 25 [2] Callahan K 2008 Gender Equality In Politics Implications Of Quota Laws Latin American Research Review 43 565 — 582 [3] Hawkins J 2011 Unruly Feminism Negotiating Paradoxes Of Belonging Within Contemporary Feminist Movements Sociological Forum 26 657 — 680 [4] Mansbridge J 1999 Should Blacks Represent Blacks And Women Represent Women A Contingent Yes Journal Of Politics 61 628 — 657 [5] Norris P 2004 Electoral Engineering Designing Democracy Cambridge University Press

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