Posted: March 12th, 2023

At times the integrity of the criminal justice system has been called into question. What are some of the events that have led to this situation

The integrity of the criminal justice system has been called into question many times over its history. From instances of corruption involving high-level officials to police officers accused of racial profiling, the criminal justice system is faced with a number of issues that call into question its ability to ensure fairness and equity for all citizens. This paper will explore some of the events that have contributed to the current climate in which the public’s perception of criminal justice is so divided.

One major event that has caused people to doubt the reliability and legitimacy of the criminal justice system was President Donald Trump’s pardon in 2017 of Joe Arpaio, an Arizona sheriff who had been convicted on charges related to his targeting and discrimination against Latinos during immigration sweeps (Garcia & Toensing, 2018). Arpaio had openly flaunted a court order barring him from detaining individuals based solely on their suspected immigration status, leading many in communities across America to feel that their civil rights were being violated by someone who should not be rewarded for such behavior. This case highlighted how political affiliation can influence decisions within the legal system and raised serious questions about whether privileged individuals are given preferential treatment under certain administrations.

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Another event that has led people to question certain aspects of our legal system was George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis Police Department officers in 2020 (Von Seggern et al., 2021). The incident sparked outrage around racial injustice both within policing departments themselves as well as within courtrooms nationwide where Black defendants receive unequal sentences compared with white defendants committing similar crimes (Freedman, 2020). Additionally, it exposed some fundamental flaws in our law enforcement systems including disparate policing tactics employed towards different racial groups and lack of training which allows officers without proper qualifications or experience onto patrol teams (O’Donnell et al., 2021). These revelations further eroded public trust in our institutions due largely to how little progress it appears we have made since countless other deaths at police hands over years past were met with limited consequences for those responsible.

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At times the integrity of the criminal justice system has been called into question. What are some of the events that have led to this situation

Finally, another event highlighting how fault lines exist between law enforcement and those they serve involved Breonna Taylor’s death at her own home after Louisville Metro Police Officers forced their way into her apartment without cause or warning (McMillan & Miller, 2020). The fact that no officer was indicted on any charge related directly to Taylor’s death despite popular outcry only served as yet more evidence indicating systemic racism continues unchecked throughout much our nation’s courts making it even harder for citizens feeling marginalized by society have faith anything will change anytime soon.  This latest case added fuel an already smoldering fire concerning allegations police forces systematically abuse their authority while failing uphold basic human rights causing many Americans become cynical about chances receiving fair treatment when dealing members law enforcement community regardless race or social class background they may come from.

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In conclusion then it seems clear there are several events taken place recent years which created significant doubts surrounding reliability efficacy United States’ criminal justice system today . From pardons handed out seemingly preferential basis , inequitable sentencing practices , involvement disparities experienced minority populations when interacting law enforcement personnel too lax standards allowing untrained personnel onto beat these all contributing factors undermining public confidence in institutions meant protect them . It now up leaders country however find ways address root problems plaguing this field if hope restore trustworthiness among constituents sure deservedly deserve .

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