Posted: March 6th, 2023

Assume class division in society causes crime. What is a viable alternative to this system?

Class divisions in society can cause crime when those who lack resources, education and opportunities feel pressured to break the law in order to survive. Class divisions also lead to a power imbalance between groups of individuals, which can contribute to organized crime activities such as the drug trade (Houle & Tremblay, 2018). This type of inequality creates an environment where those who have less are more likely to commit criminal acts without consequences due to existing power structures. To avoid this situation and provide a viable alternative for class division-caused crime, it is essential for governments and communities around the world to focus on creating opportunities for people of all backgrounds.

One way of doing this is by increasing access to education. Education helps create knowledge and understanding that can be used as tools against poverty (Lusardi & Mitchell, 2020). It provides qualifications that could open up employment prospects or spark independent enterprise ventures. With increased educational access comes an increase in economic stability, which could help reduce crime rates caused by poverty and lack of opportunity (Tita et al., 2019). Governments should invest funds into making quality education available throughout life cycles for citizens from any socio-economic background at minimal or no cost; this will ensure equal opportunity regardless of class status.

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Assume class division in society causes crime. What is a viable alternative to this system?

In addition, providing job training programs for unemployed citizens offers another viable solution for combating class division-caused crimes (Kane et al., 2017). Such programs enable participants with limited skillsets or experience gain occupational competencies needed in their desired field while also earning some income during their training period. Job training programs often include soft skills related classes such as communication tactics and problem solving strategies that help build confidence among participants; these classes may eventually result in higher wages once they become employed since employers value interpersonal abilities more than technical ones (O’Neil et al., 2016). With improved employability come greater financial stability which reduces chances of potential criminals resorting back into criminal activities due limitations such as poverty or desolation felt previously when unable work legally..

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Finally, equalizing pay scales across different industries would eliminate much of the frustration associated with unfair working conditions based on social classes; it would encourage people from disadvantaged backgrounds seek out positions without being deterred by low salaries associated with certain positions usually reserved for lower class workers (Shangkuan-Walkertz & Koehler‐Gonzalez , 2020). By improving work standards across different socio-economic levels employees feel respected within their workplace even if they enter lower paying positions than their peers from upper level habitats enjoy . Reducing inequality through equitable pay scales further diminishes chances that dissatisfied members from disadvantaged backgrounds reintegrate themselves into illegal activities motivated by frustration over current economic situations like what many face today worldwide(Ramafoko et al., 2019 ).

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In conclusion, there are several alternatives available that aim at reducing class division-based crimes including increasing access to education, establishing job training initiatives along with implementing fair compensation structures across various sectors globally . When these solutions are implemented together they not only provide individuals greater scope towards achieving success but also strengthen societal ties between members belonging different social statuses resulting in lesser instances committed due disparate living conditions enforced upon them leading up till now .

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