Posted: March 12th, 2023

Analyze the challenges of working in HR for a larger business like ABC that need to be addressed to better align the HR function with the new strategic direction.

The term Human Resources (HR) is commonly used when referring to the recruitment, selection and retention of personnel within a business. This can become increasingly challenging for larger businesses such as ABC that have multiple locations and may employ thousands of employees in different countries around the world. In order for HR to be successfully aligned with the organization’s new strategic direction, various challenges need to be addressed. These include but are not limited to; communication, culture, technology, diversity and inclusion and employee engagement initiatives.

Communication among all levels of management plays an essential role in ensuring successful alignment between HR and organizational strategies. At ABC this can easily become complicated due to its size making it hard for senior level staff at multiple locations to properly communicate with each other (Lau & Greenman 2019). Communication needs to be improved both internally amongst staff members as well as externally towards customers or partners thus fostering a more positive work environment where objectives are clear across all departments (Shahzad & Anwar 2018). Additionally having regular meetings between local HR teams and global leadership could help ensure policies are understood by everyone.

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Organizational culture should also be considered when attempting to create effective alignment between strategy and HR operations at ABC given how important it is for influencing employee behaviour (Ferdows et al., 2014). For example if you have a team-based approach then cooperation amongst individuals will likely increase leading them down the path towards achieving their targets. If instead there is a hierarchical structure then employees may feel less connected with one another leading potentially lower levels of motivation amongst them which could negatively affect performance overall (Kim et al., 2017). Therefore it’s essential that ABC clearly defines what type of company culture they want moving forward so that all actions taken by HR adhere accordingly.

Analyze the challenges of working in HR for a larger business like ABC that need to be addressed to better align the HR function with the new strategic direction.

Technology has become integral in today’s business world especially when dealing with large organizations like ABC who would benefit from taking advantage modern software solutions (Tsui & Wang 2016). Technology can allow companies such as these access greater amounts of data which can enable necessary decision making regarding staffing decisions or onboarding processes etcetera (Hedberg et al., 2016). Additionally using technological methods such as video conferencing could improve collaboration among existing staff members while reducing costs associated with travelling if done right thus creating beneficial outcomes both commercially and strategically speaking.

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A further challenge facing many employers nowadays is attracting diverse talent given changing demographics driven by globalization resulting in increased cultural variety within workplaces like those found at ABC (Delgado-Romero 2011). Therefore embracing diversity must be seen not just from an ethical standpoint but also from an economic perspective since diverse teams bring various ideas into play thus increasing creativity which leads ultimately better products or services being developed over time(Gray & Pfeifer 2017 ). To make sure this happens onsite trainings should occur aimed specifically at promoting awareness about issues related inclusion in order for people understand why it matters so much ultimately paving way higher rate acceptance across organisation .

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Finally employee engagement remains a major challenge larger firms face despite growing importance placed upon it recent years . Studies show good employee engagement increases productivity turnover rates whilst decreasing absenteeism safety accidents even though developing engaging environment certain skills involved managing team spirit morale perhaps even organisational climate difficult especially organisations sizeABC’s(De Haes&Gielen2018) . To tackle centralised system should implemented whereby feedback regularly collected analysed communicated back relevant stakeholders enable any potential problems identified rectified adequately otherwise negative impacts arise detriment organisation’s strategic goals plans going forward .

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