Posted: February 13th, 2023

Analyze how instructors use strategies to ensure students’ understanding in the reading and writing components of the reading lessons.

Instructors have a lot of strategies at their disposal when teaching reading and writing. These strategies can be used to ensure students understand the material by actively engaging them in the lesson and providing feedback. The instructor’s use of these strategies will ultimately influence the second part of the practicum, which is evaluating students’ abilities in reading and writing. In this essay, I will discuss three strategies instructors can use to ensure student understanding: pre-reading activities, incorporating visuals, and providing feedback.

Pre-reading activities are important for helping students understand the material before they dive into it. For example, an instructor might ask open-ended questions that encourage critical thinking or comprehension questioning; both are effective methods for building background knowledge prior to starting a text or task. Pre-reading activities also help activate prior knowledge so that readers know what topics they should expect as they read through a text (Estrada & Christopherson, 2019). Additionally, instructors can provide predictions based on what information has been discussed during class; predicting helps establish connections between concepts and helps build reader engagement (Orozco et al., 2020). Using pre-reading activities gives readers an idea of what they should look out for while reading so that they can better comprehend the content presented in front of them (Estrada & Christopherson).

Analyze how instructors use strategies to ensure students’ understanding in the reading and writing components of the reading lessons.

Incorporating visuals is another strategy that instructors can use to enhance student understanding of complex texts or concepts because visual elements provide more context than words alone (Chen & Fuentes-Pelayo, 2018). Visuals such as diagrams, charts, maps, images etc., help break up dense texts and make them easier for readers to digest (Chen & Fuentes-Pelayo). Furthermore, visuals can aid learning by displaying relationships between ideas in ways that are difficult with words alone; this makes it easier for readers to understand how individual pieces fit together within a larger framework (Lee et al., 2017). Through using visuals along with textual reference points during instruction on complex materials/concepts teachers increase students’ chances of making meaningful connections between content areas which leads to greater likelihoods of successful recall down the line(Lee et al.).

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Finally providing feedback is essential for ensuring student comprehension across all aspects relating not only to reading but learning in general (Kirkwood et al., 2013). Feedbacks role is twofold as it allows teachers assess how well their instruction was received by their class but also lets them gauge each student’s individual level of understanding regarding any given topic area . This way instructors can determine if adjustments need made either individually or collectively depending on their observations from responses observed purposeful teacher comments made during lessons add tremendous value when trying ascertain comprehension levels amongst learners since such remarks offer measureable takeaways about how well particular concepts were understood.(Kirkwood et al.)

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These three key tactics—pre-reading activities incorporated visuals and offering feedback—help facilitate an environment where students have opportunities to engage with course material effectively allowing educators better insight into comprehension levels amongst learners thereby creating roadmaps betterfor success when tackling academics tasks going forward(Kirkwood et al.). When assessing performance in regards practicums related readings most studying works best when coupled with relevant study aides therefore increasing likelihood success via testing due enhanced understanding associated hands one experiences garnered throughout processes earlier mentioned.(Chen & Fuentes Pelayo) Their collective usage offers strong potential encouraging improved reception academic contexts through fostering richer meaning gaining deeper insights into relevant subject matters hence determining strengths weaknesses lie wide classroom dynamic especially within less structured settings like those found within Practicum initiatives.( Lee et al.)

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