Posted: March 10th, 2023

Analyze how groupthink affects the process of whistle-blowing.

Whistle-blowing in nursing requires immense courage and self-conviction. It is a process of bringing attention to malpractice, unethical behavior or other wrongdoings that are taking place in an organization (Del Conte et al., 2020). But this process of whistle-blowing can be hindered by something called groupthink – the idea where members of a tight social group share similar views, which are not necessarily accurate nor logical (Götz et al., 2016). Groupthink occurs when individuals fear disagreeing with the majority opinion as they might get outcasted from their peers. This leads to conformity and a lack of meaningful dissent, which affects the ability to make well thought out decisions or voice any concerns that could lead to potential whistleblowing (Jungmann et al., 2018).

Groupthink has been shown to have multiple negative influences on the decision making abilities within groups. One such influence is “illusionary unanimity” – when members think everyone supports one view but it doesn’t hold true for every individual in the group. This creates an illusion that all members agree with each other and further discourages dissenting opinions (Janis & Mann, 1977). As a result, this allows for any issues or problems to go unnoticed and unaddressed since no one is going against them or raising questions about them. This can be especially problematic if those who want to blow the whistle on any wrongdoings are silenced through peer pressure in order keep up a façade of “unanimity” within their teams/groups (Manza & Edelenbosch 2015).

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Analyze how groupthink affects the process of whistle-blowing.

Another way groupthink limits whistle-blowing capabilities is by elevating stress levels among team members due lack of trust amongst each other(Avolio & Hannah 2011), discouraging risk taking behaviour and creating feelings of alienation if someone voices disagreement (Hollander & Rosen 1997), all these elements contribute greatly towards hindering the willingness amongst nurses to come forward regarding anything they feel uncomfortable about while working(Zola 1982) Thus influencing how much information concerning malpractices actually gets revealed even though open communication between colleagues should be encouraged at all times .

Additionally , there exist certain norms surrounding most healthcare establishments which don’t allow nurses who decide to report any kind wrong doings thus leading towards them having feelings guilt or shame due not being able adhere certain standards put forth by organizations . For example , according one research paper certain hospitals have strict rules that repeatedly discourage employees from speaking up since it could cause internal conflict between staff which may negatively affect hospital functioning thus making it very difficult for anyone who wants come forward regarding matters even though they really should do so(Chou 2006) All these influences reduce motivation amongst nurses take action against potentially dangerous activities instead choosing remain silent support status quo .

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To conclude , Groupthink has multiple effects on processes like whistleblowing because discourages people from voicing different opinions openly thus preventing much needed critical thinking processes from occurring . Not only does this create environment where wrongs continue happen without consequence but also harms individuals involved due feeling powerless act upon situations which require immediate attention . Therefore its important recognize how group thinking hinders ability bring forth truth cases where misconducts occur as well understanding why many hesitate speak up despite knowing what right thing do .

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