Posted: February 13th, 2023

An observation in a special education classroom

I recently had the opportunity to observe a special education classroom at a local elementary school. The class was composed of twelve students, all between the ages of five and seven with varying levels of learning disabilities. As I entered the room, I immediately noticed the inviting atmosphere created by the colorful decorations and cheerful music playing in the background.

An observation in a special education classroom

The teacher was warm and welcoming as she introduced me to her students and explained what activities they would be doing that day. First, she welcomed each student individually by shaking their hand or giving them a hug before sitting down on the carpeted area at one end of the room for group time. She used this time to review previous lessons, ask questions about current topics being studied in class, and have everyone interact together as a group.

Afterwards, she divided them into two groups for individualized instruction based upon their individual needs. One group worked on phonemic awareness exercises while another focused on reading comprehension strategies such as making connections and drawing inferences from text material. Throughout these activities, I observed how patient yet firm she was with her students when it came to correcting mistakes or redirecting behavior when needed – always responding positively no matter what happened . This approach appeared effective since children were engaged throughout entire lesson without losing focus easily.

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In addition ,teacher also incorporated various visual aids (i.e charts/diagrams ) order better explain concepts &make sure all were able comprehend material presented during session Additionally – there number breaks scheduled ensure those required rest could do so if needed without disruption whole class which allowed keep things running smoothly until conclusion.

Overall my experience observing special ed classroom immensely rewarding &gave me further appreciation teachers work tirelessly help those who need most . Indeed ,being around such dedicated educator provided valuable insight into profession itself – not mention chance gain greater understanding real-world struggles faced people disabilities . Therefore ,I believe important more join cause fight stigmas surrounding learning difficulties show just much potential can unlock given right resources guidance .

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