Posted: February 13th, 2023

An explanation for your choice of data analysis technique for doctoral qualitative research.

When conducting doctoral qualitative research, choosing the proper data analysis technique is essential for achieving accurate results. The data collection process can be time consuming and cost prohibitive, thus it is important to recognize the importance of selecting a suitable data analysis method that will allow researchers to make reliable inferences from their collected data.

In my research study, I am focusing on understanding how people’s motivations and experiences play an influential role in their decision making process when choosing among different health care plans. To answer this question, I have chosen to use content analysis as my primary data analysis technique.

Content Analysis is a quantitative method used to assess patterns or themes within large bodies of text-based information. This method has been widely accepted by social scientists because of its ability to provide insightful insights about qualitative data without requiring significant resources or time commitment (Krippendorff 2004). Through content analysis, we are able to identify trends and correlations between different pieces of text which can help inform our interpretation of the underlying meaning behind the collected information. Additionally, content analysis allows us gain meaningful insights into peoples’ real life experiences by examining any recurrent words or phrases they may have used while describing their experience with healthcare plans.

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An explanation for your choice of data analysis technique for doctoral qualitative research.

The advantages offered by content analysis cannot be overstated; it allows us to take a deep dive into textual material quickly and efficiently while avoiding some potential pitfalls associated with traditional qualitative methods such as participant observation and interviews which require more extensive resource investment upfront (Krippendorff 2004). Furthermore, since this method relies heavily on quantitative components such as word frequency counts or sentence length analyses – thereby allowing us to make more meaningful comparisons across multiple sources – it can be particularly useful for investigating social phenomena where gaps in existing literature might exist (Neuendorf 2002). Additionally, since this approach does not rely on individual subjectivity like many other qualitative approaches do -which could potentially lead to biased interpretations- we are ensured that our results are based purely on empirical evidence gathered from participants’ responses rather than researcher biases (Silverman 2006).
Finally, another advantage provided by content analysis is that unlike other types of qualitative research methods such as ethnographic techniques which often require intensive training prior to implementation (Creswell 2013), this procedure generally does not need much technical expertise for execution; all that is needed for successful implementation are basic reading and writing skills along with fundamental coding skillset(Dodd et al., 2019). Therefore overall lower costs associated with employing personnel qualified enough in order execute these procedures properly significantly enhances its appeal compared other alternative approaches available at hand.

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Overall Content Analysis remains one of the best tools available for researchers looking into complex phenomenons through large bodies of texts while avoiding costly expenses traditionally associated with traditional Qualitative Research methods like Interviews/Observations etc.(Neuendorf 2002 ).This makes Content Analysis ideal choice for studying how people’s motivations/experiences influence their decision making processes when selecting health care plans given its low resource requirements coupled with ability generate detailed insight regarding target domain relatively quickly(Krippendorff 2004 ).

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