Posted: February 16th, 2023

 Alfred Edmond’s “Why Asking for a Job Applicant’s Facebook Password Is Fair Game”

In his article “Why Asking for a Job Applicant’s Facebook Password Is Fair Game”, Alfred Edmond discusses the ethical implications of employers asking for a job applicant’s Facebook password during the hiring process. He argues that due to the prevalence of social media in today’s society and its ability to be used as a tool for “smear campaigns, corporate espionage, and intellectual property theft” it is no longer valid to argue that it is an invasion of privacy if an employer requests such information from their prospective staff members.

 Alfred Edmond’s “Why Asking for a Job Applicant’s Facebook Password Is Fair Game”

Edmond goes on to point out various cases where access to someone\\\’s personal social media account has been deemed necessary; citing examples like law enforcement hoping gain intel into criminal activities or high profile companies looking protect themselves & confidential data being shared amongst employees .He even acknowledges potential misuse power by management however maintains that when handled properly not only does aide organization lawfully gather important info about those involved but allows applicants opportunity present themself better light potentially making difference between getting hired not .

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Overall while there certainly some legitimate uses requesting passwords interviewing candidates should done carefully order ensure everyone\\\\\\\’s rights remain protected which includes allowing person interviewed opt out providing this type information opting instead provide consent forms reviewable third-party outside company itself This way both sides can sure any agreed upon proper protocols followed avoid any potential missteps along way .At same time everyone must also recognize just because something can technically allowed doesn\\\’t necessarily mean should certain circumstances so responsible judgement always key navigating these types complex situations

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