Posted: March 6th, 2023

Address how to the theme of subjugation of freedom is expressed in the novel

In the novel The Color Purple, Alice Walker explores the theme of subjugation of freedom through her characters’ stories. The book follows Celie, an African American woman living in rural Georgia during the early twentieth century. Throughout the course of her life she is subjected to extreme oppression by her father, husband and society in general.

The story begins with a description of Celie’s harsh living conditions: “You know what I think? I think it us have come into this world for nothing but misery” (Walker 9). This statement reflects both Celie’s feelings about her own situation as well as that of many other women who are similarly oppressed and abused. In addition, Walker also highlights how lack of education and economic security can limit one’s personal freedom. For example, after Celie has been married off to Mister at a young age she finds herself trapped in a loveless marriage which prevents her from pursuing any kind of personal fulfillment outside her home.

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Address how to the theme of subjugation of freedom is expressed in the novel

The novel further illustrates how traditional gender roles contribute to subjugation by portraying men as naturally superior while women are forced into subservience and obedience. This idea is reinforced when Mister tells his wife: “I tell you right now -the more submissive you is-the easier your life gonna be” (Walker 65). Here he implies that if she does not act according to his wishes then there will be consequences for disobedience.

Celie eventually manages to break free from these oppressive societal norms when she moves away from Mister with her sister Nettie . Her newfound independence gives way to self-discovery and exploration – ultimately enabling Celie achieve happiness although path wasn’t easy ..By end day though – overall message conveyed clear : never give up fighting oppression no matter form it takes ..< br> < br > Works Cited : Walker A.(1982 ) \\\\\\\” The Color Purple\\\\\\\” Harcourt , Retrieved April 12th 2021

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