Posted: March 5th, 2023

According to evolutionary psychology, what would a woman married to Dylan have to do in order to make Dylan initiate a divorce

Evolutionary psychology proposes that particular behaviors, such as initiating a divorce, are affected by evolved adaptations developed during the course of human evolution. Therefore, evolutionary psychology suggests that if a woman married to Dylan was looking to make him initiate a divorce, she would have to do something that conflicts with those adapted behaviors. This could include not fulfilling her role in the marriage and family or engaging in behavior that is perceived as being unfaithful or disrespectful (Stewart & Schwartz, 2018).

In an evolutionary sense this may include activities such as withholding domestic support, sacrificing his/her appearance for other people outside the relationship and/or cheating on him (Hoffman et al., 2013). These behaviors can cause tension within the relationship and create feelings of distress which can lead to Dylan feeling like he needs out. Additionally, research has shown that allowing disagreements between spouses to become too frequent often leads them towards considering divorce (Cox et al., 2015). This could be another viable option for this woman if Dylan does not take initiative himself. It is important to note however than when talking about initiating a divorce there are many gender differences among couples which must be taken into consideration (Munroe-Blum & Gorzalka 1987).

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According to evolutionary psychology, what would a woman married to Dylan have to do in order to make Dylan initiate a divorce

In general men tend to see themselves as having more power in relationships compared women meaning they usually feel less need for help or support from their partner making them more likely consider initiating divorces versus women who may look for ways where they can get support before entering something so drastic as getting divorced. In order understand how best approach making Dylan initiate a divorce it would be important first assess their marital dynamics including any potential power imbalances present (Hoffman et al., 2013).

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The key takeaway here is understanding what it is that motivates individuals’ decisions around initiating divorces. According to evolutionary psychology one way someone might motivate others into taking action would be engaging in behavior disruptive enough so that individuals begin seeking out alternatives outside of their current situation (Buss & Schmitt 2012; Stewart & Schwartz 2018). By understanding evolutionary principles surrounding mate selection and decision-making processes couples can take steps towards improving their marriages without resorting drastic measures like divorces but instead coming together with strategies designed specifically tailored fitting each couple’s individual needs and lifestyle goals.

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