Posted: February 13th, 2023

“A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings.”  Write your own reaction to the old man.

When I first saw the old man with enormous wings in my village, I was both amazed and apprehensive. He had an imposing presence, standing well over seven feet tall, with huge dragonfly-like wings that glimmered in the sun. His face was wrinkled and aged, yet his eyes were filled with a mysterious wisdom that seemed to come from another world.


“A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings.”  Write your own reaction to the old man.

I heard stories about him around the campfire – tales of how he came from a distant land and could answer any question posed to him about life’s mysteries. Some said he even granted wishes if you asked nicely enough! Although some villagers were scared of him and warned me to stay away, I was drawn towards this enigmatic visitor.

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His presence created a feeling of awe within me as I watched in amazement every time he took flight on those gigantic wings. Every now and then he would soar high into the sky before gracefully diving down into our little village square like an angel descending from heaven. The sight sent shivers through my body as I imagined what it would be like to be able to fly so freely without limitations or restrictions.

The more time I spent watching this strange old man with enormous wings fly around our village, the more curious I became about who he really was and where he came from? Was he here for us or did we need something from him? Even though most people kept their distance out of fear, there were some brave souls among us who ventured close enough to speak with him at length – although none ever revealed exactly what they discussed during these conversations.

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Despite all these unanswered questions swirling around me regarding this old man’s origins, one thing is certain – his visits gave our isolated community hope for a brighter future beyond what we could see everyday inside our small bubble of existence surrounded by mountains and plains populated by creatures wilder than ourselves whose only goal seems to flee at his approach in terror . There is no denying that his presence left an indelible impression upon us all – myself included – one which will never truly be forgotten!

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