Posted: March 13th, 2023

3) what significance you think this article has to our class, the study of theater, or the creation of theater (or all three). 

This article by Charles Marowitz is an insightful examination of the state of modern theater and its relevance to contemporary culture. In it, he reflects on how traditional forms of theatrical performances have been supplanted with more experimental approaches that are often reflective of the current social and political climate. He argues that while this type of alternative theater has become increasingly popular, there is still a need for classical works that can offer an enduring sense of meaning or timelessness in order to truly engage audiences.

3) what significance you think this article has to our class, the study of theater, or the creation of theater (or all three).

In terms of its significance to our class, this piece provides us with a valuable perspective on how theater can evolve over time and remain relevant yet still maintain its core values. It challenges us as students to think outside the box when approaching theatrical performance; asking ourselves questions such as “how do I create something that speaks to my audience but also honors classic storytelling techniques?” This kind of inquiry helps guide us in creating meaningful works that will resonate with our audience. 

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Furthermore, reading Marowitz’s article gives us some insight into the power of theater as a form art . We are reminded theatre has potential touch upon myriad topics bringing them life stage – providing platform discussing issues which may otherwise be overlooked silenced due their controversial nature . In this way , theatre acts sort forum allowing both performers members audience express their beliefs without fear retribution or judgement … 

Finally we must recognize role plays part larger cultural landscape – whether through addressing specific events raising awareness social matters making commentary global affairs being expressed medium so relatable understandable all ages genders backgrounds alike – indeed it great privilege witness even greater honour deliver material which connects emotionally others opens door meaningful conversations afterwards thus leading change betterment society general …. 

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