Posted: March 13th, 2023

2. What unintended consequences can you image could result from this type of directive, including the idea that the city should compel business/property owners to use these spaces? 

The unintended consequences of this type of directive could potentially be far-reaching and have negative impacts on both the city and those who are affected. First, it is important to consider that some business or property owners may not want to comply with such a mandate due to financial constraints or even ideological differences. This could lead to difficulty in enforcement as well as potential legal action against the city if they try to impose fines or other punitive measures on those who disobey the directive. Furthermore, this type of regulation can also stifle innovation and creativity since it requires businesses/property owners to conform their outdoor spaces into predetermined designs.

2. What unintended consequences can you image could result from this type of directive, including the idea that the city should compel business/property owners to use these spaces?

Additionally, depending on how much space is mandated for these public areas, this could cause congestion in an already crowded city environment. If there isn’t enough room for all citizens then it will likely result in overcrowding which can create problems with noise, pollution, public safety issues such as loitering and vandalism, etc. Additionally requiring all businesses/property owners to use these spaces may reduce diversity since only certain types of establishments would be able benefit from having access them (for example restaurants which need patio seating versus retail stores).

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Finally another consequence that must be taken into account when considering mandating public areas is the potential displacement of existing residents who live near these proposed locations due construction costs associated with creating parks/outdoor spaces – especially if landlords decide increase rent order make up difference (which often happens when neighborhoods become more desirable people looking buy/rent homes). This would have extremely detrimental effects low income families as well minorities due higher likelihood being priced out certain parts town thereby drastically changing composition local communities & possibly leading further gentrification down line! Chalabi M., Dinesh K., Hidayatullah A (2017). Unintended Consequences Of Gentrification: Evidence From New York City\\\”. Journal Of Urban Economics 101: 48–64..

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