Posted: February 17th, 2023

1. Which do you think motivated Leopold II more, racial prejudice or financial greed?

It is difficult to say definitively which factor motivated King Leopold II of Belgium more, racial prejudice or financial greed. Both likely played a role in his actions and attitudes towards colonization and resource extraction in the Congo Free State during the late 19th century.

Leopold was known to be driven by a sense of ambition, originating from both his upbringing as well as his personal desire for power. His goal was to build an empire that would make him and Belgium wealthier and more powerful on the world stage. To this end, he sought out new territories to colonize and resources to exploit; it is likely that financial gain was one of the primary motivations behind these efforts.

1. Which do you think motivated Leopold II more, racial prejudice or financial greed?

At the same time ,Leopold also held many racist views about African people which may have been another motivating factor in his colonization efforts. He believed Africans were inferior compared to Europeans, viewing them as savages who could not govern themselves properly without European oversight . This attitude influenced his policies towards native populations in the Congo Free State; he enacted draconian laws that allowed for harsh punishments for even minor infractions such as labor violations or theft.

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In conclusion , it seems likely that both racial prejudice and financial greed played a role in Leopold’s actions concerning colonization of Africa. His combination of ambition coupled with prejudicial beliefs likely drove him to pursue policies designed both increase Belgian wealth while subjugating local populations simultaneously too . By doing so ,he hoped achieve legacy lasting far beyond himself legacy still being felt throughout region today unfortunately ; hopefully steps taken moving forward shall bring some form peace prosperity area after all these years come pass at long last too

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