Posted: March 12th, 2023

1.What do you think is the main point or argument that the author is trying to make?

The author of this article is making the argument that understanding both past and present aspects of feminism is essential in order to understand current state of affairs. Second wave feminism, which emerged during the 1960s and 1970s, focused largely on women’s rights such as gender equality, reproductive freedom and ending discrimination against women in the workplace. Today, we are witnessing fourth wave feminism which is based upon principles of intersectionality—recognizing multiple axes of oppression in order to create a fairer and more inclusive environment for all members of society. The author believes that educating ourselves beyond surface level is necessary in order to recognize importance of an intersectional approach when tackling oppression; only then can we make meaningful progress towards achieving true equality and opportunity for all genders worldwide. approach seeks to reduce recidivism by targeting the factors that are most likely to contribute to reoffending and by matching services and interventions according to the offender’s level of risk, need, and responsivity.

1.What do you think is the main point or argument that the author is trying to make?

When it comes to case planning for offenders, the RNR model is based on several key principles: firstly, that interventions should be tailored to each individual based on their risk level; secondly, that intervention intensity should increase with an offender’s risk level; thirdly, that interventions should target criminogenic needs (i.e., those attributes or characteristics associated with criminality); fourthly, that interventions should be delivered in a manner which is sensitive to the personal motivations and preferences of the offender; and fifthly, that there must be continuity across all stages of supervision from pre-sentence investigations through release from custody or supervision.

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The use of the RNR model has had a significant impact on case planning for offenders as it emphasizes a comprehensive assessment process which identifies an individual’s specific needs. This assessment process allows criminal justice professionals such as probation officers and parole agents to better understand an offender’s risks for delinquency so they can develop more effective treatment plans. Additionally, this model encourages greater collaboration between service providers in order to provide more coordinated care throughout different phases of criminal justice involvement. The ultimate goal is helping individuals become successful members of society while also reducing their likelihood of reoffending.

Intervention intensity is another important component when considering how the RNR model impacts case planning for offenders. According to this evidence-based approach, intervention intensity increases proportionally with an individual’s assessed risk level; meaning those who pose higher risks will receive more intensive services than those who pose lesser ones. In practice this often involves providing individuals at high-risk levels with more frequent contacts from service providers such as probation officers or parole agents along with additional resources like job training programs or support groups where appropriate . Additionally, due consideration may also be given towards incentivizing engagement in rehabilitation activities within community corrections settings in order for individuals meet rehabilitative goals established by criminal justice professionals

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The focus on responsivity – i.e., tailoring services according person’s unique motivations – further ensures successful outcomes as it takes into account personal characteristics such as learning styles , cultural background , gender identity , age etc.. Responsive approaches often involve creating positive reinforcement systems which encourage pro-social behavior while discouraging hazardous behaviors , thereby increasing accountability amongst supervisees . Finally these tailored services can help promote long-term success among those under correctional supervision once they are released back into society

In conclusion , it can be seen how utilization of RNR Model serves benefit both offenders being supervised criminal justice system well citizens general By focusing assessments identifying areas need addressing then delivering tailored strategies improve chances success ultimately results safer healthier communities

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