Posted: February 16th, 2023

1. Explain the extended analogy to slavery.

The extended analogy to slavery is a powerful metaphor used to describe the oppressive and dehumanizing effects of poverty. The analogy likens poverty to a form of modern-day slavery, with the oppressed living in servitude under their oppressors. It suggests that the poor are perpetually trapped in a state of deprivation, lacking basic rights and freedom from exploitation. The idea behind this analogy is that poverty leads to an inability for people to escape from it—they are denied access to education, healthcare, job opportunities or other forms of assistance due to their socio-economic status.


1. Explain the extended analogy to slavery.

The comparison between poverty and slavery also serves as an example of how human beings can be manipulated into relinquishing certain rights or freedoms due to their circumstances—in this case, those living in extreme poverty often lack the resources required for survival and thus are put into situations where they must accept whatever means necessary in order for them to survive. This can include living on subsistence wages (or less), being exploited by employers through long hours and hazardous working conditions, or even resorting to crime if there is no other option available.

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Furthermore, this comparison serves as a reminder that although slavery has been abolished legally on paper (at least in most countries) it still remains present within our society today—just manifested differently through more subtle forms such as economic oppression which keep people stuck in vicious cycles without any real hope for progress or advancement out of their situations. As such, it is important not only recognize but fight against these injustices whenever we come across them so that all members regardless background/upbringing may enjoy same level opportunity success life provides each person regardless who they happen born into what kinds privileges may have access growing up .

In conclusion extended analogy using notion enslavement help artificially recreate extent suffering felt those affected debilitating effects chronic impoverishment thereby giving another perspective otherwise invisible affliction allow us better empathize struggles others despite not having ever experienced firsthand making much easier combat when become aware consequences full gravity

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